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Our puppies are raised primarily for Service Dog work.  Although we select most of our dogs that are going to be Service Dogs we can’t keep them all.  All of our puppies go thru the same rearing in preparation to be a service dog, whether they are going to be pets or working dogs, which includes intense socialization, training and temperament evaluations.  This preparation provides your puppy with a solid base for being the best dog you will ever own..we guarantee it!  We test the parents of our puppies hip, elbow, heart clearances, eye evaluation for cataracts and genetic testing for PRA1, prod-PRA, and ichthyosis.

We sell our puppies to non-working homes for $3500.     
The proceeds from those sales go directly to the service dog program to help others with a disability live a more independent lifestyle.  A portion of the cost is a tax-free donation and can be used as a write-off on your taxes.   That comes with first vet health certificate and first set of shots.  We worm every 2 weeks, on a rotational basis to cover a broad spectrum of parasites and worms that all puppies are born with or exposed to.  We provide you with telephone or email support for the life of the puppy and actually encourage it.  I require $1000 deposit to hold a puppy, $1000 due when puppies are 4 weeks and the remainder due when you take them home at 2 months.

If you would like to be on our waiting list,  let me know and I will keep your adoption form and inform you once I have a better idea of when to expect a litter.  In the meantime, I recommend you “like” our Facebook pages at Golden Ridge Farm and Golden Opportunities for Independence.  We post there often with updates and other great service dog stories, doggy daycare, and training news.  Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.   


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