"Truck Pull" Challenge



Teams = 10 Pullers on a Team
Team Registration is FREE - visit GOFIDOG.ORG to Register to Help Support GOFIDOG via fundraising only.

Fee to pull = $500 (Required)
Additional Fundraising Options:
Name A GOFIDOG Puppy - $1,500
Additional Fundraising (Encouraged & Welcome) - $1,500
Pull Distance = 20 feet
Truck Weight = 29,500 lbs – (HEAVY !) 
Winning Team is based strictly on TIME to pull the truck 20 feet
Pulling Divisions are:
First Responders
Register for FREE online to have a fundraising team at gofidog.org

Checks can be mailed to Pulling for Paws @ GOFIDOG, 323 High Street, Walpole, MA  02081

Once we have received your registration information, you’ll receive communications from the Event Coordinator - John Moon - [email protected]

Having Trouble  Signing up? 
Contact us here and we will help!

Teams will be listed here as they develop. Keep your eyes open to follow the competition!

Team Name
Team Captian
Shirt Size
A Boy, His Dog, and The Team That Raised Him!
Northeastern Huskies Raising Fenway
Our latest litter of puppies we had a special recipient and team of friends.  Liam, from Norwood, MA has Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy.  Thanks to Team Impact he has had a special group of friends.  Since Liam was 8 years old he has been on the sidelines of the Northeastern Huskies baseball team.    The team brought him on as though he was one of their own.  When they had a chance to go above and beyond the team stepped up to the challenge.  Nolan and his roommate Jake decided they could raise one of GOFI's dogs for Liam.  It takes 2 years to train a service dog to their fullest potential.  Almost halfway there the team knows just how special Fenway is.