Training Videos!

  1. Rocky Turning on Light Switch
    Using the commands "paws up" and "touch" to turn on a light switch up high.
  2. Rocky Opening Cabinet!
    Using command "tug" to open the cabinet.
  3. Rocky Retrieval
    Using command "get it" for Rocky to pick up items and "give" for Rocky to put the items in someones hand.
  4. Josie Picking up a Toothbrush
    Using commands "get it" for Josie to pick up the item and "give" for her to place it in someones hand.
  5. Josie's Retrieval
    Josie learning to pick up and give a roll of tape. We are using different objects to get her used to having different things in her mouth.
  6. Josie's Scent Work Alert
    Josie is sniffing three empty wiffle balls and one with chicken in it, and is stopping at the wiffle ball with scent and using "touch" to alert someone of the scent.
  7. Nudge Tips
    Here are the materials needed to start nudge as well as how to guide the dog.
  8. Pressing handicap button
    Duke using nudge to press a handicap button and open a door.
  9. Paws Up
    Using paws up to get Duke hydrated when we forget our water bowl.